TESOL 2014 completed and now onto Toronto ~ TESOL 2015!

Looking back I see that I added my last TESOL presentations to my Youtube page, but never got them up here. If you missed the presentations in Portland, here they are in all of their glory.   I collaborated with my wonderful colleague, Julie Lopez for both of these presentations.

Stop Motion Animation: A Video Project Even Shy Kids Love

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Maximizing Pair Group work with whole class film project

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TESOL 2013 Recast

Here is a narrated version of our presentation that Julie and I did back at the UD after TESOL was over.  We couldn’t get anyone to film us during the presentation so we did the next best thing.  Enjoy!

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TESOL 2013!

tesol 2013 slide cropped

TESOL 2011!

TESOL banner duarte

Another TESOL, another presentation!  For this presentation I’m teaming up with my colleague, Becky Swab to talk about different student-generated multimedia projects that won’t break your or your school’s budget.  Come join us for a fun-filled 45 minutes that will hopefully educate, inform AND entertain you.  DOWN WITH BORING TESOL PRESENTATIONS!

MSU Musings: Childhood Friendship

Students from Summer 09 talk and interview subjects about their friendships they’ve had since childhood.


MSU Musings: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Students from Spring 09 talk and interview subjects about the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.


MSU Musings: U.S. Works Habits

Students from Spring 09 talk and interview subjects about their work and job preferences.


MSU Musings: Physical Changes in Adolescence

The Superwomen group interview professors and students about the physical changes adolescents go through and what effects they have mentally.


MSU Musings: Genius

Students from Fall 2009 discuss and interview people about what makes a ‘genius’.


MSU Musings – Critical Period

The Beauty and the Beast group from last semester interview Prof. Brent Donnellan and others about the Critical Period of learning.